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Coding and Robotics

  • 20-Jun-2023

We started Coding and Robotics curriculum for class 1 to 8 from the session (2023-34) to enable the students to develop their cognitive skills.

District Karate Championship

  • 20-Jun-2023

Our school bagged total 35 medals (14 Gold, 8 Silver and 13 Bronze). Under 14 KATA, our team won overall trophy.

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‘Indira Devi National Educational Society’

Indira Devi National Educational Society established Globe Heritage international School with the mission to make the children competent, disciplined and to grow their mind to its fullest capability. We are committed to promote 'Vedic Sanskriti' with Technological Advancements'.

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Why Choose Us ?

Globe Heritage believes in replacing hierarchy with collaborative learning. The School's academics are based on six overarching themes-
1. Understanding English, communication & languages
2. Mathematical understanding.
3. Scientific and technological understanding.
4. Human, social and environmental understanding.
5. Understanding physical health & well being.
6. Understanding the arts and design.

If you want to have fun in life, take school seriously...!!

Our Features

When you start thinking about sending your child to private school, you will spend a lot of time reviewing school websites. As you do that, bear in mind that you see what the schools want you to see.

CCTV Security System

We can prevent incidents before they occur. Student safety is our priority when you’re able to see visitors before they see you.

Away From City Traffic

Constructed in mid of Lush Green Farms, We are away from city traffic and noise and provide a peaceful and hygenic environment for students.

Experienced Teachers

By highly qualified mean having a first degree in the subject being taught, complemented by an advanced degree.

Affiliated to IPC

We are affiliated to International Preschool Curriculum.

We Are Yoga Inspired

Our mission is to empower students and teachers with yoga-inspired exercises to promote lifetime wellness. Our vision is to make yoga available so that students and teachers develop body-mind awareness and the ability to nurture their own well-being.


Globe HeRITAGE International School

Globe Heritage is the fourth school in the whole of India whose Kindergarden is affiliated to IPC-a USA based education organisation which provides International Pre School Curriculum and teach Reasoning, self management, Panchtantra and Bhagwad Geeta as regular subjects.

Self Defence in case of any emergency.

Technology also hampers true creative thinking.

Experienced contribute something new and positive to the school.

Ratio is just to ensure the quality education.

To provide a safe hygenic and dust free environment.

Lush Green environment for students .


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The International Preschool Curriculum

The IPC, or International Preschool Curriculum, is the largest Early Childhood Education Organization in the World.

Education for the World

Has over 100 locations worldwide.

Sets a high standard for all of its locations.

Founded to strengthen and harmonize Early Childhood Education Standards.

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